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Just a thought…

When you take in account all the things that we deem important in our lives, it is striking how much of that could really change if you look at things with a different perspective. When you break down the reasoning behind the many things, complex or simple, that humans do, they come down to very basic wants and desires. Aspiring to be a great mind for our generation all of a sudden becomes a convenient venue to be and feel better. Producing sound works of art via text or sound for the people becomes a way to push one’s’ true agenda and idea’s on society. When pushing your children to do things in school and be the best he or she can be can turn in to an excuse for the parents not to want to be burdened by them in the future.

In the grand scheme of things, the importance of the different things that make up are lives become unapparent. Which is why it is so important for us to focus on actually living. Experience life the way you truly want to with the people you want in it and the things you want to do.

Having will never be more important than being, and the negatives will only be an obstacle.

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